The EDC light you deserve.

Handheld lights are a dime a dozen, so what about the Surefire EDCL1-T means that you should spend your money on it? An acquaintance of mine once said “I don’t like to pay per lumen, therefore I don’t buy surefire.“. This insinuates that all you get from the brand Surefire is lumens and this is not true.

Basic Information
This particular torch from Surefire puts out 500Lm on its high setting from one CR123A battery, on low it puts out 5. Overall size is 4.5 inches, which makes this quite a small little package and lends itself very well to being forgotten about in your pocket. Price in Australia is around $215, which is pricey for such a little light, but quality isn’t cheap.

Mode of Operation
The EDCL1-T utilises a ‘gas-pedal’ tailcap, with light pressure the light will put out the low setting, with a hard press you get the high. This is incredibly intuitive and after a day of familiarisation I was left wanting all my lights to activate this way. daily tasks only require the low setting, I don’t need 500 lumens to see under my car or where the light switch is in a dark room. I do, however, need 500 lumens to identify potential threats – so mash the button hard and point it in the right direction. If you want the light to stay ‘constant on’ you can twist the tail cap, but I have largely left this alone.

I have a tenancy to drop things. This light was no exception. I recently dropped it from pocket height onto concrete and it chipped the concrete. No obvious damage to the light. It has been involved in more than a few scuffles, both in training and in work at no point did it present with any issues. This is where the Surefire sets itself aside from other brands -dependability and durability. If you break it Surefire’s customer service will have you back up and running in no time, that’s if you actually manage to break it.

I have added an o-ring to the pocket clip to serve as a retention aide, witness marks have also been added. The witness marks have not shown any movement in the torch, asides from when replacing batteries.

I am a fan of having as much light as possible from my torch, this means I am compromising for comfort with the EDCL1-T. It is a compromise that I am happy to have made.
I wont be using this particular model in every situation, but as an EDC torch it fits the bill.
Due to my time with this model I will be purchasing it’s bigger brother, the EDCL2-T to replace my older Surefire P2X Fury models.

Where to buy?
Currently LEGEAR has these in stock for a reasonable price. You can also buy them overseas and ship them in, however my calculations show that being more expensive. The link is HERE to check it out.

My maintenance schedule for torches is battery change every month on the 1st, however I decided in September 2018 to see how long the battery can stand up to everyday use. I swapped the out a battery for a new SF CR123 on 15/09/2018.
As of 26/01/2019 I have had my first battery failure since. As an everyday torch this sort of use is far above my expectations. Light output was not effected until the very end of the batteries life. As of 01/02/2019 the normal maintenance schedule has been resumed.

Disclaimer: Threat Focused Solutions has no relationship with either Surefire or LEGEAR. This is not a paid advertisement.