I grabbed this jacket at a steal from Mark at TAQ (Tactical Advantage Queensland) who is a top bloke, but as per the disclaimer I still paid for the jacket and this review is not paid for.

Basic Information
The jacket is the base layer to the Integrity shell, which I will review once I can test it out more.
The fit is athletic and it stretches with your normal movements due to the stretchy panels down the side. The jacket has three pockets, two hand and one inside on the left breast, which all function as you would expect. The two hand pockets are also lined with a soft material that keeps your hands warm. The entire jacket is also insanely good at keeping your body temperature regular – I had no issue wearing it all day and night for a recent job that took me from a cool 3°C to a much more acceptable 25°C.
It is important to note that Vertx has a relationship with Arc’teryx, so you can expect it to perform well in the cooler temperatures.

Something I am always looking out for in any clothing item is that is maintains the ability to be used for duty while keeping a low profile, allowing me to walk around and not draw unwanted attention. This jacket cover that requirement instantly. I’ve worn it with jeans and a polo and I’ve worn it with suit pants and a dress shirt and pretty well everything else I have in the wardrobe, no matter what it seems to work.

Build quality is great, as you would expect from anything with the Vertx brand name. There are more than enough reviews out there about this that I won’t worry about touching on this point, suffice to say it is durable.

Overall my assessment of this jacket is that it’s a no brainer if you are in a cold environment. I would without hesitation buy another one if I needed it, it’s a solid investment that won’t let you down, especially when the temperature plummets.

Where to buy
Due to my experience buying from Mark at TAQ I would always suggest people take a look at his website TAQ website, additionally there is no where else in Australia that stocks this jacket. Alternate options are buying from the US and then having it shipped here, but include both the conversion rate and the 10% import tax.

Disclaimer: Threat Focused Solutions has no relationship with either Vertx or TAQ. This is not a paid advertisement.